25 Mohawk Dr., Warehouse 2, Leominster, MA 01453

Office (508) 872-2323 ; Drop Off (508) 864-8723 refoamit@verizon.net


Our Speciality

Located in Leominster, Massachusetts, ReFoamIt specializes in recycling #6 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam or more commonly known as Styrofoam® and #4 Polyethylene foam. See our 'Foam We Recycle' page for details. In order to provide an avenue for the public to recycle their foam, ReFoamIt holds collection days. Details about each event are listed on our Events page. ReFoamIt offers a foam pick up service and we accept foam at our Leominster facility. We will create a program to meet your needs. Please call ReFoamIt, 508-872-2323 to discuss how we can work together to recycle your foam! And if you are planning to drop foam off, please call 508-864-8723.

Our Customers

ReFoamIt specializes in recycling most #4 and #6 foam waste from manufacturing processes as well as post consumer foam packaging. Check out our 'Foam We Recycle' page for a list of accepted items. Contact ReFoamIt for questions, to schedule an event / pickup, or for drop off times at the Leominster facility.


Individuals can recycle their foam at our many single day and ongoing events held in different MA communities or drop off at our Leominster facility.


Businesses may have their foam picked up with a service charge or drop off EPS foam. (Small charge for large amouts of #4 EPE foam) at our facility. Contact us for details.


Organizations mostly seek to augment municipal recycling programs by offering foam recycling to their local communities often through single day or ongoing recycling events.


Municipalities establish ongoing collection/recycling programs at their own facilities. Foam is either transferred by the municipality to ReFoamIt's facility (drop off fee may apply). ReFoamIt handles the transfer for a delivery charge.