25 Mohawk Dr., Warehouse 2, Leominster, MA 01453

Did you see the article in the Sentinel and Enterprise newspaper on Sunday, April 26, 2015?  If you missed it, click on this link. 

Thank you Leominster for welcoming us to your city!

ReFoamIt is a MA family owned company that recycles EPS Foam, more commonly called Styrofoam®.  We are committed to recycle both white packing foam and to recycle post consumer foam such as coffee cups, clamshells, and meat and produce trays.  (Please make sure that all of these items are clean and any post consumer items that were used with food must display the #6 recycling symbol.)  We are now accepting items without the recycling symbol.

Last year, we acquired a second densifying machine so we can now densify #4 Polyethylene and #5 Poly Pro and we now accept packing peanuts (bagged separately) and bubblewrap. 

For details about all of the items we accept, please click on the link What Can Be Recycled (Yes, this link is broken!)  You can access the file from the "What you can Recycle" page. 

If you are unsure if we can accept an item, check out What can't be recycled

Because ReFoamIt has many ways to recycle foam, we received the 2014 Excellence in EPS Recycling award from the EPS Industry Alliance.

Check out all the ways you can recycle your foam!

  • Businesses may have their foam picked up or they can drop it off at our facility.  To get a quote, please let us know what type of foam you want to recycle, the volume and location.  Or let us know when you plan to drop your foam off at our facility.
  • Municipalities have opportunities to have ongoing collection/recycling programs at your own facilities.  ReFoamIt will work with you to either transfer your foam to our facility or you may bring the collected foam to us.  Please contact us to work out the details and costs.  For a list of the municipalities and businesses with existing programs check our ongoing event page.  Foam may also be dropped off at our facility (no charge)  We accept car loads of foam or tractor trailers at 25 Mohawk Dr., in Leominster, MA 01453.  Please call us first.

Any questions?  Call 508-872-2323 or call 508-864-8723 before bringing your foam to ReFoamIt.

Exciting news!  ReFoamIt now accepts #4 and #5 foam along with #6 foam, more commonly called Styrofoam® at all of our events.  Check out the What you can recycle page for more information including a link to the pdf showing what we recycle.


Upcoming events in August!

Aug 8, Arlington DPW, Arlington, MA, Open to Arlington Residents Only
Arlington DPW is opening the recycling center one Saturday a month so residents may bring their foam, bulky rigid plastic items, books and textiles to the center at 51 Grove Street, from 9-12.  Books and textiles will be given to nonprofits. For information on this event and the upcoming events, please visit

Aug 15, Lifoam Industries, Peabody, MA, No Residency Requirement
Lifoam is hosting a foam recycling event from 9-1.  Bring your clean foam to 2 Fifth Street, Peabody, MA. Please do not ask to drop items off ahead of the event or send foam through the mail.  Most of the time, our collection vehicle is filled to capacity, so please understand if we are unable to accept you packing peanuts.



Details about all of our upcoming events can be found on the Single Event Page along with all of our upcoming events through June 2015.  Don't forget to check out our ongoing event page to see if your municipality is committed to foam recycling!

For up-to-date news about ReFoamIt, please visit our facebook page listed under Styrofoam Recycling

Dave and Barbara Sherman